Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be Kind...Ben's Bells Distribution...

This Saturday we met up with a lot of our superfriends at Red Rocks to be sent on a mission. To spread kindness around Colorado.

My friend, Jenny got in touch with Ben's Bells to start spreading the love here. And this weekend was the time to get our bells to distribute.

It was a chilly May morning, but I was happy to have Max and Steve there too.


Jeannette started Ben's Bells after her son Ben died suddenly due to a childhood illness. She talked about how she was very acutely aware after the shock of losing her son that while she looked normal on the outside, she was devastated on the inside. And it made her think, if she was feeling this way, how many others were too? Thus started Ben's Bells. These little bells are hung with one purpose, to spread kindness. They have the thought that the bells find the people they need to.

I was excited to get our bells out. We kind of hit all over. We took some to Denver, and some closer to our house. But, we had a reason for each place we put them.


The first place we stopped was by Max's school. They are still there...in very plain sight, but none had been taken as of this afternoon!

It rained most of the day, but that didn't stop us. In fact, it offered more of a cover for us to get them up without anyone noticing. We first went to Max's favorite park. The park we go when we want to get him out of the house, all through the year. This is by far the place that we feel the most random kindness. It never fails that someone will stop and talk to Max while we're there. And that's something we don't always experience other places.





Steve got out and put these up quickly in the pouring rain. But, I had one special one I wanted to put up while we were there.



In this spot, last year, Jenny first told us about her hopes in getting Ben's Bells to Colorado. That was a very special evening we had together, for lots of reasons, and I wanted to share the love there.

We sat around and watched for a while to see if any of the runners would grab one up, but none were taken. Some people stopped to look, others ran by without noticing. I'm sure they're all gone now!

We hung a few in our neighborhood, and one is still here. And then took one to Max's old therapy clinic and put it in one of the millions of trees around the playground we used to take him to.

Then I wanted to stop and put one in the armed forces memorial close to our house. I walked up to the area, which I'd never been to before. And I wanted to hang them all there. I wanted any person who needed to visit there to get one. The people who leave pictures, and flowers, and flags. But, I only left one. A purple heart. It too has found it's person because it's not there anymore.



One in the open space behind our house...by the big pond Max likes to go to...


And one hidden by his favorite pizza place.

Then the last two yesterday that were very important to me. One was while we were getting out of the elevator at Children's hospital. Steve quickly attached one before we got out. While we were checking into Max's appointment a grandmother stopped and said, "This is the little guy who was on the news last night!". She got choked up and stood with Max for a few seconds before saying, "My grandson has a genetic disorder too.". She and her family went on...to get on the elevator. I hope she found it. And I hope it cleared up her tears.

And lastly, we had only one bell with a butterfly on it in the bag of bells. As soon as I saw it, I knew where it needed to go. I rode my bike up to the park, but found it crawling with people. I didn't know exactly how to go about getting the bell to hang without being found out before I could get away. So, I sat down and got my phone ready to take a picture.

I took the butterfly bell to the last place we got to be with Samantha. It's a park very near our house, and I think of her each time I pass it. We had a family picnic there last June, and Samantha was there with her mom, Heather.


I went to the table we sat, and sprayed her and all of our little hot babes down with water bottles and had fans blowing, trying to make it a normal family picnic. Normal with wheelchairs, and suction machines, and feeding pumps. But, it was our normal, and we all made a lovely memory there that day. So, I knew the Samantha Bell needed to go there.


I placed her bell on the table and took a quick picture before getting back on my bike to head home before the rain started back up. I know it will find just the right person.


And now our bells are all out in the world, looking for their people. With each one I placed, I hoped they would find the right people. I'm sure they will.

If you'd like to learn more about Ben's Bells in Colorado, check out http://bekindcolorado.blogspot.com/ to see how you can be a part. And locally, you can sign up for the next fundraiser to get going on making our own bells for the next distribution. There will be a Ben's Bells night at Canvas and Cocktails on June 14th.

Thanks so much Jenny for bringing this organization to us.

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” ~ Seneca


Shauna Quintero said...

What a beautiful post! Yay for Ben's Bells!

Junior said...

Beautiful, such a special thing to do.

ferfischer said...

What a great post!!!!! I'm so glad you got to hit all those places - and I remember very specifically where we sat that night last summer. What a nice thought. And also the park last year. Love it!

Unknown said...

I LOVE where you put all the bells! How very special. I really enjoyed reading this post, your photos made it seem like I was right there with you placing the bells.

Deana said...

Yeah for Ben's Bells indeed! It was a great way to spend a couple of days!