Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skinny bones...

We took Max to his pediatrician last week, because his little spider legs are getting too skinny again. He's been sleeping a lot during the day lately too, which is from growing or just not having enough energy.


We think he's not getting all the calories he needs, since he's lost some weight since he got sick back in December. His doctor ordered his lab draws to be done before changing anything. We'll hear something this week hopefully about what changes to his diet we'll make.

While his weight loss has snuck up on me, and is a little easier on my back, he needs to have a bit more cushion than he has now. So, back to fattening the boy up.

1 comment:

Junior said...

Oh Max, you look all worn out.
Good luck with weight gain. When Junior was little we had the same troubles. Now he is on the chunky side and we have to worry about him gaining too much.