Monday, March 7, 2011

Pinch me...

My back is not too happy with me right now. I'm going on a few weeks of lifting Max on my own, and I think I've pinched something. I've got some exercises to do until I see my chiropractor, and have charged up the trusty mechanical lift to assist with Max transfers.

I wish I could put a rocket pack battery on that moves at the speed of a tortoise. And when Max is wriggling and fussing because he needs his pants changed, it's so much quicker to just move him myself. But, I've been asked to try to limit how much I move him until the pinch is located, so as to not injure anything further. To which I say, I'll sure try, but with nearly 20 up and down transfers a day, it seems a little outrageous to get him all geared up and use the lift when a simple lift from his chair to the floor will do.

So, I'll keep it short tonight, and offer a couple of photos of Max while I let the ice pack do it's thing, and hope Max hurries to sleep so I can too.

As long as Max has had glasses, he tries to wear them anywhere but over his eyes. I found him like this as we were in his van this weekend.


And practicing writing his LONG name out, and number 1-10.


Hope to be back, and in better shape soon.

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Unknown said...

I hope your back gets better soon! Keep the ice on it!