Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Week of Love...

I finally got the last pieces of our Valentine's week on Friday, so I could put the Valentine's Day post together. Then we had the weekend...which was glorious. Max had the BEST day he's had in months and months on Saturday. Now that it's Sunday night and he's zonked, I can put the Valentine post together.

The week started with making a very special Valentine, for one of Max's little Valentine's!


Addie got hers in the mail! She looooves to get mail!!

We met up with our special little Valentine at the park, and she shared her handmade Valentine's with us.

I think her cutting skills are wonderful! I mean, have you ever seen so many fringes on a Valentine? The purple one is for Uncle Steve, the white one is for Auntie Deanie, and the Red one was for Max.

On the big day, Max woke up ready to chat with his friends over Skype. They had a surprise for him.

Four groups of his classmates made four extra big valentines for him since we wanted to diminish the amount of germs coming into the house. This way, we could spray them with lysol before bringing them home to him. The kids also lined up and sang Max a Happy Valentine's Day To You song. It's good I'm not on screen when he visits with his friends...because all too often I have tears in my eyes.

Here are the extra large valentines from his friends.



The "I love you Max" got me by the heart and squeezed hard!

Max made a card for his teacher during his writing time with his friends.

I set up his school table with lovey dovey Valentiney things for math time.

He counts all the items and makes tally marks on his dry erase board. He's learning to count by 5's, so I'm having to come up with a lot of items!

He and his teacher then got to work on a very special valentine for his Momma!

He insisted on it all being purple!


His teacher also brought his bag back from class that had a few special letters to him.


"Dear Max I hope you feel better We all got a surprise for you It will make you happy"

"Dear Max I hope you have a good Valentine. Your the best."

With a special picture of Max.

"Max I just like you being on the white board. You are a great student."

Max wrote a note to his friends thanking them for the "humongous cards".

It was a great week of love from his friends. He is so very loved.

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