Sunday, January 16, 2011

Such a big guy...

Last week, Max got back to school with his friends on Skype. He had some good days, but some days were a little hard to make it through the whole hour.


One of the assignments of his classmates was to write about a time they went somewhere fun.





I try to adapt Max's work to what his classmates are doing. Sometimes, it means he draws pictures about the story his teacher read to the class. Sometimes, we write out stories, or words they are focusing on. Max is not able to do any of this independently, so I help him by guiding his hand to draw the picture or write the words. Sometimes though, I put a velcro strap around his hand and the tool he uses to hold his crayon, and let him go at it.

The lower left part of this picture is what we get when Max goes at it by himself. These are his attempt at the letter 'a'. The right side of the picture is with minimal guidance.


One of his classmates really wanted Max to "practice on his numbers and writing his name" .


He worked really hard at this one, and it was also very little help from me.


Come on...just...what a big guy!


deanna said...

Seriously! So exciting to see all that he can do!!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I love seeing Max's drawing and his writing. I can see how an hour would be a long time when he does not have the kids right around him, but rather on the screen. It sounds like he is getting so much out of his class time.

Junior said...

Max you are such a smart guy. Way to go!!!

Susan said...

Love that first photo! One for the fridge!

Jackie said...

That is so awesome! Love the stories and picture of the ocean! Keep up the awesome work Max!