Monday, January 31, 2011

Max in photos...

When Max finished skyping with his class this morning, he was being pretty silly by throwing his leg over his chair, so I thought I'd get out the camera and show you all our little gymnast.


But you see what I see? Zoom in a little...


A dog, a lazy lazy dog, who loves to find the warmest spot in the house and make it her own.


If spit bubbles gross you out, sorry, but this may be one of the most gorgeous photos of my kid ever. He almost never has his lips together, but he's really liking the feeling of playing with bubbles on his lips lately.


Oh hey Momma...what are you doing?

DSC_0547 copy

Check out my new teeth! I'll still have my gap toothed grin!


Okay, I'm done taking pictures, I'll ignore you now.



Amanda Jaksha said...

You are quite handsom Mr Max!

Unknown said...

What cute pictures! I think it is funny how you spotted your snuggle puppy in one!

Max is adorable!

Junior said...

Such a handsome guy