Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas...

When we started out 13 days ago, my biggest wish was that Max would get healthy, and we wouldn't be spending Christmas in the hospital. But, I knew early on that's exactly where we would be. Up until a few days ago, we held our breath just a little bit that we would be home, but once we got word that he had an infection, we knew we were here through the holiday.

But, as terrible as I had imagined in my head, this was actually a beautiful Christmas. We were all together, Max was in such a great mood, and feeling well. We opened presents, and ate together. The only thing different was location. (And visiting with doctors and nurses all day.) But, it was a very good day, and now it's past us and I don't have to worry anymore if we will be spending Christmas in the hospital. It wasn't terrible...and sometimes that's enough to get you through.


When we got up to the hospital, Max was wide awake and cheery! We all ate a little breakfast together, and then got to the part Abbey was most excited for...PRESENTS!




And Max had a turn with a few of his gifts too. I didn't bring all of his up here, because they are big and he wouldn't get to play with them until he's feeling better anyway. So, Abbey helped him with the few we did have up here.





George, we got so much YELLOW!!!

After a good time with mom, and having Christmas dinner brought up by one of my supermoms, Susan came up to sit with Max while we had some alone time with Abbey. It's been difficult trying to give her due attention in the hospital. So, it was great to get to focus on her for a while and know that Max was taken care of.
And he got a transformer robot speaker, that is YELLOW! And sings opera...or reads Dr. Seuss...or whatever else the iPad is playing. :)

Merry Happy Christmas from Monster Max to you. Here's hoping for a Happy New Year spent at home!


ferfischer said...

Wow! He looks SO much better! And I love the toothless grin! I'm glad that the holiday was ok - I was thinking of you a lot - I'm glad someone could bring you dinner, I barely got ours done! Holidays at the hospital are OK, just different!

Junior said...

So glad to hear that you were able to have a good Christmas even while in the hospital. Max I love your yellow things. Junior has that same transformer and loves it.
Big hugs and lots of get well wishes. Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad he's getting better. I hope and pray he returns home soon. I can NOT believe how grown Abby is--oh my goodness. Unreal.
Love the transformer--that's awesome.
Keeping you in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! I love the photos. He sure does love yellow! How cute! I am glad you could all be together, and you are right, Christmas is Christmas no matter where you spend it. You did it right!