Tuesday, November 30, 2010

School updates...

Max has been clipping away at school every day. He was so upset with not having school during Thanksgiving break, that I'm not sure what we'll do on Christmas break, or heaven forbid...SUMMER!

It's amazing the grumpy mood he is in when it's the weekend now. He screams and cries the whole day long...unless or until we're doing "school". So, we had a lot of "field trips", and I tried to duplicate some of his studies to get a reprieve from the crying.

And while I would love a little break on the weekends from therapy and school, it seems like he's really loving it, so we'll have to fit it in there somehow.

With the full weekend of cooking for two holiday get togethers, and Max's continual crying fest, I didn't get any photo updates here on the blog. But, I've really got some good ones to share!

So, without further blabbering from me, here are the latest photos from Max's school experiences...

Max reading 'Caps For Sale' with his cap and his monkeys...

During his Skype session today, they were talking about stars, and Christmas decorations, so we got some for him to share...

And, on to the letters. I won't translate this time, since there are so many. Have fun figuring them all out! :)

IMG_4735 copy



IMG_4731 copy






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Lauren said...

Oh my, Max - you look very dapper in your cap! And it looks like you have been making LOTS of great friends at school!