Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Max's friends...

Max has been joining his classmates daily via skype to interact with them during reading and writing time. Usually, his teacher reads a book, they go over what they will be writing about, and then he travels around from desk to desk to watch talk and listen to the kids reading their assignments for the day.

This week, they have been practicing writing letters. While they write, and read their letters to Max, two at a time, Max has been working on his coloring homework. His homebound teacher brought us some of the letters the kids have been writing today during our time with her.

These are some of his most precious possessions. They are inside ziploc bags because they are extra careful at the school of the germs coming into our house.

I like you cus your Max


"I like you because you're Max"

Dear Max I hope we can see you on skype sone. Now Ms. Clayton me and you all have glassis. If you see peple loking to the side its becase they are not uost to the camra in one place and the scren in a nuther. I am the little girll with the glassis. I reaed all by my self. Ther is a picher of me on the back.

DSC_0531 copy

"Dear Max I hope we can see you on skype soon. Now Ms. Clayton me and you all have glasses. If you see people looking to the side it's because they are not used to the camera in one place and the screen in another. I am the little girl with glasses. I read all by myself. There is a picture of me on the back."


hiy Max wus yor fvrt cuLr
my faet cuLr
is booW like
you even with
yor char WeL
i haf too go
biy Max fum ----
DSC_0533 copy

Hi Max what's your favorite color? My favorite color is blue. I like you even with your chair. Well I have to go. Bye Max. From ----


That's her with her buddy Max in his wheelchair.

Can you stand the cuteness? Because I couldn't, and it turned me into a mess of tears during his school time when he and Mrs. J. read them together.

If you think this is sweet, wait until's school picture day, and Max is going up to the school to meet his friends in person. (guarded with a yellow face mask of course!)


Junior said...

Oh I love, love, love it. You are truly blessed by such a wonderful program. So nice to see that there are some home instruction programs out there that work. Our experience has been so negative.
Big hugs, can't wait to see the pics tomorrow.

Deana said...

Thanks Heidi...we are really surprised at what a wonderful experience we're having with the school program. I hope something similar for Junior happens soon!

star_lover28 said...

Those letter would have brought me to tears as well.......what an awesome program Max has!!