Monday, November 1, 2010

Look who is 7...

Max is 7!!

Max is 7!!

Yellow Monster from Gwen...who came to visit with him for his birthday...and to keep Momma company while Daddy is out.

Max and Gwen

Max had a great day yesterday. He woke up wanting to tell everyone it was his birthday! He called Nonni to tell her, and then we got around to go to pizza and to the park, since those are his 2 favorite things to do here. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! For weeks now, he's been answering to the question "what are you going to be for Halloween", "YELLOW!!" So I let him wear all yellow on his birthday!

He ate pizza, and had some chocolate dessert at our pizza place. All the wait-staff wished him a happy birthday, and he got a kick out of all the hubbub surrounding him.

We then went to Washington Park, where we saw the big tortoise going for a walk, and lots of puppies, and birds...and a flying fish!
Flying fish!

Flying Fish!

We walked around, and just soaked up the sunshine.

Max is 7!!

When we got home, he wanted to watch his birthday video from his classmates, and get ready for trick-or-treaters. Including a little monster who came by for a visit...

She was ready to sing Happy Birthday with her guitar, and for "Pick-or-treating"...

She loved her little light toy for pick-or-treats...and wouldn't look at me for any photos!

And Max just wanted to kick her, so I couldn't get a good photo of either of them..but it's still pretty cute!

He helped me hand out candies to little trick-or-treaters, but was so tired by 8:00pm, he was ready for bed!

And now, he can officially say he's going to be 8, like he's been saying for the past couple of months!

Max is 7!!


Junior said...

Love your yellow birthday outfit Max, looks like you had a perfect birthday.
Happy Birthday.

AZ Chapman said...

happy b day monster max