Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teacher Time...

Max's teacher has been coming for a couple of weeks now, to get him used to her voice, and for her to learn him a bit more before his IEP in a couple of weeks. I'm so glad she had the foresight to do this, because I think already she has learned a lot about him that she has been able to go back and tell the officials at the school writing up his IEP.

I took a few videos of him playing in school on Thursday. The videos aren't anything spectacular, but I just mostly wanted to capture his interactions with his teacher. And get a bit of their time together.

"B" is for of his favorite activities, because she's the first person to figure out he likes the bubbles blown ON him, rather than away from him.

This little button plays "I feel good", he hits it once and it starts with a howl, and hits it again and it stops. When he starts it up, Mrs. G. claps for him. I really love that I got some of her encouraging him. She's only been with him four times now, and already she's picked up so many of his little quirks.

On this one, I love the way she fixes his glasses at the end...

I got to chat with her a bit at the end of their time the other day. She's really going to be such a great teacher for him. And a great addition to his team of people who care for him!

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