Friday, October 29, 2010

Cici's Day...

Today is a day of mixed emotions for my friends, the parents of Cici. 2 years ago, Cici had an accident, that left her hanging onto life. They lost the Cici they knew up to that point on that day, but they also got their daughter back, she lived.

In trying to pass on the kindness they have experienced in the past two years, since Cici's accident, they chose today to celebrate her life in a very special way. Jenny has been working with Ben's Bells out of Tucson, AZ to come to Colorado and do a distribution of bells here in Colorado.

The point of it Be Kind.

Jenny writes...

"Being kind is free. Spreading the message of kindness through Ben’s Bells is inexpensive, but it’s not free! In the May timeframe, the first event locally will be a distribution of 500 or more bells in Colorado, mostly around the Denver area and Front Range. The founder of Ben’s Bells will come to Colorado and speak to groups that are interested in being involved, and of course, bring the bells! Our initial goal is to raise $2500 for this initial distribution. From there, we hope to start making the bells on our own (somewhere!), and distribute them locally once or twice a year."

So, to help celebrate the hope and the power of kindness, I wanted to pass on the link to donate to bring Ben's Bells here to Colorado.

You candonate here...but be sure to specify you want it to go towards the Colorado distribution.

You can follow the progress on the Be Kind Colorado blog.

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