Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the Season!

Fall is here...Autumn.

The air is crisp, the sun is bright.

Our windows stay open throughout the day, and throughout the night.

We can take walks again, without sweat dripping down our faces and backs.

Jeans and hooded jackets replace shorts and t-shirts.

Sandals are put away, and boots are brought out. favorite time of year.

But, with every changing to cooler weather, brings about a sinking feeling.

Along with the extra quilts, and cinnamon scented candles, I bring out the tubs of sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.

I make sure to clean all of Max's toys after each therapy session.

I'm weary of everyone who comes into the house.

I feel like a pesky worry wart always reminding people, if you've been around anyone ill, or even have the beginnings of a cold, please don't come around.

When Steve travels, I worry he's going to catch something on an airplane, or airport, or sitting in an office all day.

As soon as he gets home, he quickly showers and puts his clothes in the wash...just in case.

Doctors visits are being crammed in fast and furiously to avoid respiratory season at the hospital.

I give an accusing look to any coughers or sneezers anywhere around Max...or even myself if I'm out without him. "How dare you bring your germs out in public!" I think, but don't say it...because after all, until you've lived this type of life, it's not anywhere on your radar that there are people who simply can't fight little colds like you can.

We stock up on immunity boosters, and Vitamin D for ourselves. And get ourselves, and ask those in frequent contact with Max to get a flu vaccine.

I truly hate this part of our lives. I hate the constant nagging worry.

I try to tell myself, "We have to live. We have to let him LIVE his life...and that may mean he gets a cold now and then! We need to see family, we need to see friends...we should get to live".

But then, I remember a common cold that lasted a weekend for the rest of us last year, lasted him 6 weeks.

And I pop another Vitamin D, and take another pump of the hand sanitizer, just for good measure.


Unknown said...

I remember feeling the same way when Maxwell was struggling so much to breath due to his then unknown allergies. I would shoot daggers at anyone who dared smoke near us in public. I was scared to death of the swine flu. I went to Chucky Cheese with a full bottle of hand sanitiser in my back pocket. I just followed the kids around pumping it into their hands every 3 minutes.

Hand in there this winter. You are right to be concerned. Max does not need a 6 month cold!

Deana said...

I think back when we got Max flu vaccines...before we knew he was allergic to them, I wasn't so tense all the time. But now, he's just not protected from any germs during this time of year. So, we try to get everything in before the end of October, and then hibernate until the snow melts!