Monday, September 6, 2010

Sis Koom Bah!!!

I am the world's best cheerleader.

At least in Max's world.

Every morning he wakes up, I start his daily routine, and I give him a clap...

"Hooray hooray!! Max woke up!!! It's time to get up and play!!!"

"What a huge wet-wet you have, let's change your pants so we can get up!"

"Let's move your legs...and your arms. What a great big strong Max!!!"

"What beautiful teeth you have! Great job brushing your teeth Max!!!!"

"It's time to eat...ALRIGHT!! Hooray for eating!!!!" (Every time he eats...we cheer.)

As the afternoon approaches, it's time to play.

"Great using your hands Max! You DID IT, you rolled over!!!!! Wow! Check you out, kicking your ball!! You started your toy!!!"

Time for a walk?

"Yahoooo! Let's go for a walk...and let's dance in the wind!!! Dancin' and dancin' and DAAAAANNNCIN' MAAAAX!!!"

"Max!! Will you carry the mail for me in your backpack? You do SUCH A GREAT JOB CARRYING THE MAIL!!!"

Said at least 100 times a day...

"Max is a good good good boy! Max is the best! Max is so smart! Max is so strong! Max you are SOOOO BIIIGG!!!"

And said even more..."I love you, Max!"

All this cheering, it's exhausting. I mean really, to be this cheery and optimistic all the time, it's so, obnoxious. It seems ridiculous at times, but he LOVES it! He gets excited...he cheers along with me. And it makes all the cheering worth it!

But sometimes, the cheering, it goes beyond ridiculous. Like when there are...ahem...dirty diaper instances. Because, really, my son can create the most unholy of circumstances with his poops. And I think it would be totally understandable for me to gag, or fuss at him for such a big mess, or cry at another evening of an explosion of diaper. But, I can't.

I can't, because I am really really proud of him. Because it takes so much effort, and concentration, and in the end, I am really happy that he pooped, and I want him to be happy he pooped. Because that's how we want approach everything with Max. We want to cheer him on, and encourage him to do his best.

Even when his best for the day is eating, sleeping 16 hours, and making a great big amazing messy poop.

So we can get up tomorrow, and do it all again!

(Max playing the guitar with his music therapist)


Thia said...

Excellent. Food for thought. Do I cheer my children on enough?

ferfischer said...

I had to laugh at the "unholy diaper mess" comment. I know what you mean - not necessarily with Cici yet, but you should have seen our house at potty training time! And also, I think you can't tell a child how wonderful they are and how much you love them TOO much.

Unknown said...

I think it is impossible not to cheer when you are so proud or he is so happy to see you so very proud. Your house sounds like a happy house.

I too never thought poop would be such a big deal, but I have even hung up on a nurse at TCH when Max was attempting to use the potty. He has only managed it twice and boy was there some major cheering going on at our house.

Deana said...

I know we can't cheer him on else will he run that marathon?!

Here's to cheering all our kids on!

Scentsy said...

I don't think there is ever too much cheering. Everyone could benefit, either as person doing the delivery or the recipient. My daughter pretends she gets tired of it sometimes, but when I don't she secretly misses it, so keep it up Mom. Keep up the great work!