Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eye see you!!!

Max did have a fairly good day yesterday.

He had Occupational Therapy, which he played on his iPad, to keep it calm.

And then it was time for school. He was starting to feel a little grumpy towards the end of school, but he got through playing with bubbles...which he tried to pop with his hands. Putting the dates on his calendar, September, Tuesday, and 28th. Then he told his teacher "Ah-ah-uuuuuh" (that is October). She knows his birthday is coming up, and he's excited for October to get here!

They worked on some cause and effect, sensory things. Counting the seasons, 1,2,3,4. Phonics, and ended the time with a big book on Nature. This time he was so excited and enjoyed it so much, she asked him if he wanted to keep it until their next school date. He was excited to keep it.

His overnight didn't go great, as he kept waking up a lot. Even with his sleepy medicine. We finally got up and around this morning early to get him fed and ready to go to the eye doctor this morning.

We haven't taken him to the eye doctor at children's in a while, because we had a not so great experience with the eye doctor who used to be there. Basically, that doctor disagreed with his seizure treatment, and didn't like that we were going with his neurologist's advice, rather than hers. So, anywho..she's gone and three other doctors are there instead. We saw the newest on today, and she was great!

We got in and they dilated his eyes, and then took a look at his current prescription. She saw that his overall eye health was good. With his metabolic disease, he can have specific eye problems, that they like to look out for, which Max does not have signs of. Also, his prescription needed adjusted. Our fella has got a crazy strong prescription, which make his glasses pretty thick. Well, he got a stronger prescription, which should make them thicker yet.

As we were on the way to the appointment, I had to let him know what we were doing. Lately, as soon as we turn on the highway towards the hospital, he starts fussing and crying. I told him we were going to see a doctor who just wanted to look at his glasses to see if they still fit, and look at his pretty eyes to make sure they were still pretty. And, if they glasses didn't fit anymore, maybe we would have to find some new cool ones.

He helped me out by telling me "Eeeehlll-Yoooh!". And in his appointment, he told his doctor about 5 different times that he wanted yellow glasses!

She did say his current glasses still fit him, but maybe he needed the yellow ones too. All in all a good visit, and something else ticked off the list of appointments to get done before respiratory season, when we don't want to be in the hospital or anything! She also sent us home with a prescription for the eye drops to use for a week once we get his new prescription to make him want to wear his glasses. The drops make his eyes blurry, but once he puts his glasses on, everything clears up. So, it just makes it a much more drastic difference.

We think the eye-drops made him feel a little sleepy, because once we got him in the van, and before we were out of the parking lot, he was asleep! He slept hard all the way home. And has been pretty low-key the whole afternoon. I'm hoping for an early night of sleep tonight! And a full night of sleep!


I did call about his glasses to see if we could get them in yellow. They don't make them in yellow...TRAGEDY!!! So, we'll have to keep looking around, and also try to see what we can do with his current glasses to yellowfy them!

Also, please send all your good thoughts, prayers, rainbows, and shooting star wishes over to Little Cici tomorrow. She's having surgery on her hips, and we want her to get through it without any problems, and be able to get home and heal up really fast.

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Unknown said...

I am glad it went well today! We were down at TCH this morning. Did you see the big to do surrounding the cancer check donation? It was just getting started as we were leaving.

I am glad Max is loving school so much!