Saturday, March 13, 2010


After over a month of a loose tooth, Mr, Max lost his first baby tooth Thursday. I was looking inside his mouth to see how it was doing and there was blood, he had popped it out! I stuck his little cloth in there to get the blood, and the tooth came out on the cloth!

We tried to get some good photos, but I think the video will show his new look! He wasn't too keen on showing his new gap though...






(If you're reading this on FB, you'll have to visit my blog to see the video.

He already got one lollipop from his Susan as a treat! He saw on one of his cartoons that when you lose a tooth, you get a lollipop, and he's hung on to that idea! But the tooth-fairy won't be holding on to his tooth for long. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) will be taking care of it to slice it and dice it and see what it's made of. They'll probably find snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails! :)


Junior said...

Love the toothless look. Very cute video

Junior said...

thanks so much for the comment on Junior's blog. The standing sling slides on him and then attaches to his overhead lift. We love it and Junior likes to stand as well without using the stander sometimes. For several years we used southpaws standing harness. here is the link for that one.

Deana said...

We have an electric hoyer lift. Will the southpaw one attach to that?