Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Supermoms Unite!

When Max was a baby, and newly diagnosed, I didn't know another person anywhere that knew what it was to have a life like mine.

I wrote about our days in emails, and occasionally on a first generation blog that only our family knew about. But no one really knew what we were going through. The hard days, and the great days, went unnoticed by most of the rest of the world.

And then I started blogging. And I joined a few list groups online for parents whose children have similar disabilities as Max. But it was still a safe place. I didn't have to really meet anyone in person, because they were all hidden safely behind my computer screen.

I've never been one to be quick to introduce myself in a crowd. I always feel a little weird in social settings. But every single time I've met another mom in a similar situation, I have been instantly at ease.

I think it's this sisterhood of special needs moms. There's no room for judgment, and tons of encouragement.

I've only had the privilege to meet up with moms whose children have a similar metabolic to Max's. But I've not met with moms whose children had seizures like Max. Until today!

Meet the Supermoms...
Supermoms Unite!
Heather, Maria, and Jenny.

I met Jenny through our pediatrician, and Maria from her, and Heather, from her blog. All of our kids see a lot of the same doctors. They're all in wheelchairs. They all have seizures. They all are tube fed. And, being moms with so many similarities, they all GET IT!

It was a great first meeting, and surely the first of many!


mommytoalot said...

Supermoms indeed. We have a similar group that my gf and I started. We meet monthly.
Found you through The Bernard bunch.

Deana said...

Thanks for visiting...I'll pop over to your place for a hello too!