Sunday, October 18, 2009

Holding down the 8th floor...

We have entered into a surprise visit to The Children's Hospital. Max is not sick, that we know of. He has no fever, no infections have shown up on the cultures, no sneezing or coughing.

He woke us up at around 3:00am today with a wretch, that made us fly out of our bed to him. He continued with that wretching, and then added on seizures for the rest of the morning.

Early morning, around 7:30, we gave him his Diastat to stop the seizures. It worked, and stopped the vomiting. I got back into bed for a couple of hours since he was knocked out. I woke up to him wretching again.

That's when he started in with the wretch, then seizure, every 2 minutes. He didn't keep his food down, didn't keep his medicine down, and didn't keep his special "sick" liquid mixture down. (It's basically sugars and water)

Between Max's neurologist, and his metabolic doctors, we were in the car and on our way to the Emergency Department around 1:00pm.

We met my sister here so she could watch after Abbey with us while we took Max in. Abbey was due to be at the airport in another hour and a half. So we had all her stuff with us too.

Steve carried Max in, and "thankfully" Max was having a seizure, because that got us into a trauma room right away...away from all the flu ridden people in the waiting room!

They cut his shirt right up the middle ((frustrating)) and started sticking him anywhere a vein could be found. Steve helped with that part, I started getting his emergency letters and medication lists out, while talking to the doctors.

After his oxygen stats dropped because he was seizing so much, they pushed in a heavy duty drug, ativan, to stop the seizures. It knocks him smooth out. In fact, as I type this, it is almost 5 hours later and he's still sleeping it off.

They've got him on IV fluids, and monitoring him overnight. I have no idea if he's over it because they've got him snowed under so much. We haven't had one of these episodes in almost 2 years. Metabolically he is absolutely stable. Which is fantastic. There is always a risk of him getting sick because the seizures make it so he can't keep his food in.

Steve is off getting our first meal of the day...then we'll figure out what to do with little Olive...who is probably doing circles in the bed right now!

I'll keep you updated as we know more. I'm pretty exhausted right now, and I don't feel like my mind is making the sense it should, so I'll stop writing for now. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

If you want to send Max a get well card, you can go here: Cheer Cards from The Children's Hospital

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