Friday, October 9, 2009

Hand me down...

Baby cousin came over to play today. She's an absolute fireball. So much energy...and fun! When I sent Ang to get dinner, she was ready to run wild. But Max was feeling a little sleepy. So I did what any Auntie in this situation would do. I gave her my phone and turned on Ratatouille.

Since Max was up in Mommy's big chair, so little one climbed right up into Max's chair. And I took pictures.


Addie giving me the skunk eye...

Big fish...little fish...

She loves Auntie's phone...I'm still hoping she'll break it. (kidding kidding...only kinda)

On this shot I was trying to get her AWESOME outfit. She got here and caressed her half eaten pear for a good while, leaving her shirt a mess. So, we went through Max's old clothes to try to find a shirt to put on her. We found his tattoo "Mom" shirt. We also found his old furry boots...which she loves. I can't believe these things fit her!!


I was so glad to spend the whole day with them both! It made a quiet Friday fly by!!

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