Saturday, September 19, 2009

Standing Easy...

In May I wrote about trying out an EasyStand Bantam stander.

It took almost five months to get. We got 2 denials from Medicaid, but FINALLY got it this week!!!

Max's new stander

Max was so excited to stand up when we got it. He sat nicely for a few minutes to get all of the adjustments made to him, then we stood him up. He managed to stand for 30 minutes, before we got him out to make the adjustments we needed for his wheelchair.

He's grown so much since getting his wheelchair in January of this year, we had to put it on the largest settings for each adjustment. They are ordering new hardware to extend the size of it. Good grief!!!

We'll need to have his PT help with the proper standing though. The couple of times we've tried to stand him since the initial fitting and adjustments, I've had a hard time getting full extension of his legs. Either his legs won't fully extend, or the knee pads look too tight. I don't know the best adjustment to make there.

But he does still love it! He was asking to stand up again the day we got it, and I tried to put him in it by myself. I now know, that is not something I should do again until I've figured out how to use his lift to get him in it! He scooted when I sat him on the seat, before I could get him strapped in, and I had to catch him as he flew out. I hit an elbow, knee, and pulled both muscles in my thighs! Oh will take time to learn!

If anyone has any tips on getting his legs extended properly, drop a note in the comments. In the meantime, we'll keep standing up!


Anonymous said...

Your PT is your best resource for making adjustments to the stander and for helping you learn how to put him in without hurting yourself.

I often allow or set children in standers with a bit of knee flexion - which comes with a bit of hip flexion.

I have a couple of posts on standers up - you are probably past needing anything in the posts since you already have his stander, but there will be more.

If you give me permission, I would like to show the photo in this post on my blog. ?

Barbara, PT

Deana said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the comment. Our PT will be back in town next week. She is a contract PT with a school district in the native Alaskan American areas in Alaska that takes her away from us a couple of weeks every several months.

She's great though, and I know she'll know exactly what to do to set him up right.

We're also looking to get new AFO's that will help him tolerate standing longer. Right now the ones he has are too tight.

You are welcome to use the picture of Max in his stander.