Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pardon me...

You'll have to excuse my Monster Mommy's absence here at my blog. She's been a very busy lady! She takes a big enormous test on Friday so she can be my certified nursing assistant. She's already been doing the the state of Colorado has to agree she's doing it right!

I've got lots to show you though once she's done with all of that stuff!

I got a new bike trailer...made special just for me...and I got a lift to help my mommy and daddy lift me up better...and maybe the coolest trick I'm doing these days...I'm trying to sit up all by myself!

But my Monster Mommy will show you all of those things soon! Until's a picture of my daddy spinning me around at the park! I LOVE to spin!


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HeatherS said...

Good Luck on your test Deanna! You will do great! Max looks fabulous and it's so good to hear that he's sitting up!!! Goes to show you that our kiddos will come along at their own time.

Let's try and do lunch! I would love to meet the two of you.