Friday, May 1, 2009

The boy who loves opera...

If you've been around for a while, you know about Max's unreal love for opera. It's a love he came up with all on his own, because neither his Daddy or I have any knowledge of it. One weekend afternoon, we were flipping channels on the radio hoping to find the magic music to stop the screaming in the back seat, and it landed on The Barber of Seville live at the Met. Not only did Max calm down at the sound of the singing, but he decided to sing along, to all the parts!

From that time, we have filled our house with opera. I contacted Opera Colorado, to ask if there was an opportunity for us to bring Max to a rehearsal. They set up a performance at The Children's Hospital in Denver to perform for Max, and all the little ones who were there. At the time of the performance, we were living in California, and flew in for the performance. Sadly, they had to cancel the performance due to an outbreak of strep throat in the singers. But, they quickly put together a little personalized concert for Max in their rehearsal studio.

They day we arrived home from his g-tube surgery, we got a package from The Metropolitan Opera in NYC, they had heard of our little opera lover, and wanted to send a care package. It was full of DVD's and cd's that we've just about worn out!

On his birthday, we got calls from opera companies around the country singing a very happy 5th birthday song...and it all started with our friends at Opera Colorado.

Today we got to spend a morning with our friends, while Max attended his very first full length opera, Cosi Fan Tutte live.

It was an early morning for Max, so he dozed through a lot of the first half of the opera, but towards the end, wanted to sing along. Luckily we were there with area schools, so he didn't interrupt anyone...hopefully!

It was a funny opera, and we were so thankful to get to let Max enjoy one of his favorite things! It was so special...and I think he knew it!

Max was ready for the show to start! Check out this handsome guy!! He looked so much like a big boy in his new outfit.
Ellie Caulkin Opera House and Max

We had 2 full boxes reserved for us...another special treat to the day.
Reserved for Max

And of course, when it was time to "stretch his legs" during intermission, Max chilling out before the second half began.
Intermission leg stretch

Thank you to all of our friends at Opera Colorado! We will get to see them all again in a few more weeks, when they get to perform Cinderella for the kids at Children's.

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Kathy Stagni said...

Max does look like a grown up young man in his outfit - and so happy to be at the opera! Glad you were able to make it - looks like a great seat too!