Thursday, March 5, 2009

A vehicle for Max...

We are trying to figure out how to get a handicap accessible vehicle for Max. They are crazy $150,000...that's a house in much of America. We are getting to the point that we can not fit all of Max's stuff, and getting him into the car. He's heavy and legs are sooo long!

We've found the perfect vehicle for him, a London Black Cab, but we're still looking for funding for it. We're not asking any of our friends for money. We all have our own expenses. But we are looking for corporate or celebrity sponsorship. I emailed the Ellen Show today, and would ask for any of you are so inclined, to ask around too. They can put their faces on the car and we'll gladly drive them around all of Denver and the State...and on roadtrips! It's pretty audacious isn't it? But why not? Companies have funds set aside for charities and donations. So we thought we'd ask.

Do you all have any ideas of people we could ask?

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