Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Over the weekend, we went to stay in the mountains for the first time with Max. We've taken little day trips his whole life, but have never spent the night. I was a little worried about his breathing at the higher altitude, but he did great!

My sister and brother in law and niece came up too, and we all hung out in the condo while the guys did their 5K mountain race. Addie didn't have a ton of fun things to do or play with, since the condo was really geared more towards winter skiers, not 2 year olds, but she did find Max's wheelchairs a fun thing to play with.


Every time I see Addie in Max's wheelchair, or playing with some piece of his equipment, it makes me pause. I mostly think, how impressive that this doesn't phase her at all. She's not been taught to be scared of kids, or people different than she is, and she isn't going to brake anything of his...like so often kids are told around special needs kids... "oh don't touch that, you could break it". She sees wheelchairs, and suction machines, and feeding tubes, and shots and syringes, and knows they are just part of Max.

I also am thankful...that she doesn't need any of these things, but she can still make them seem so "normal" because she has no strange reaction to them. If that makes any sense to anyone, but me. It's like with her perfectly capable self climbing up in Max's wheelchair, it doesn't make it a piece of equipment anymore...it makes it a part of Max, and she loves Max, therefore, will love the chair, because it is part of who Max is. And that's pretty sweet.

Addie sitting in Max's chair...


Addie strapping herself into Max's chair...

She loves loves loves her Max...as you can see from her lovey dovey kisses of him any time he is down where she can get to him. Mostly, she was trying to sweeten him up here to get to his big Curious George doll that he wasn't feeling like sharing.


ferfischer said...

All this stuff is SO fun for little kids! You're right - this stuff doesn't phase them at all, but I still have to teach that "no, maybe we shouldn't pull Cici's g-tube out just because it *looks* like a fun necklace, doesn't mean her tubing is one!" Too funny. She'll grow up with a greater perspective and acceptance than others, that's for sure. Although sometimes I'm surprised when my kids see OTHER kids, not Cici, and how it catches them off guard to see the same stuff with someone else. Too funny.

Lauren said...

I don't think there is any way to NOT smile at that adorable video!