Sunday, July 1, 2012

Triathlon - Part 3, Biking

Triathlon Day 3, brought us miserable temperatures, and the final leg of the bike ride.  

We stayed inside most of the day, since there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was a scorching 100 degrees.  We were able to track Tim's race results, and were cheering him on along the way.  Tim finished inside of 15 hours for the entire race.  He's absolutely amazing, and we're all so proud of his hard work!

Screen shot of Tim's live finish result. 

Once we thought the sun had hidden itself far enough out of the sky, we set out to finish Max's mini-triathlon.  It was our goal to make it around the neighborhood in the same way we did for the run, only 6 times to make up the 12 mile bike ride.

Max wore his yellow jersey, just like in the Tour de France, from his friends Sophie and Sam, Tim and Shona's beautiful kids!

Max started with his Frogg Togg Chilly Pad, in his lap to keep him cool.

We set off and soon realized it was still very hot outside.  You can't see Max's head up over his bike, because he melted as soon as we set off.

Here's one more photo I thought I was taking video of.  Again, Max's head is slumped over in his chair, as it was just too much effort to hold it up.

We circled around twice out of the six times, and knew from the red cheeks on Max that it was too much, so we got him inside and cooling down quickly.

That's when Steve picked up the last leg of the race.  He did the full 12 miles on his own, and up a pretty gnarly hill.  His own sort of appreciation for the hard work Tim has done today.

Steve's map...
Screen Shot 2012-07-01 at 7.41.52 PM

All in all, I'd say Max's little triathlon was a huge success!  We got out as a family all weekend long to celebrate friends far away, and the joy of what we can accomplish together.


Tim Norris said...

Great idea guys!! Well done the Watson family!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! What kind of bike attachment is that? I've been looking for years for something like it!!

Deana said...

Tim, Well done you!!! You were our inspiration, because really - we would not have dared to get out in that intense heat for much of a walk down the street, let alone three days of working out!

Elizabeth, That is Max's Duet, by Frank Mobility. It was his wish through Make A Wish. They have also been purchased through Variety for other families, as they are pricey!

You can read about it here...

and watch a video here...

And check out their website here...

Here's a link to Variety in So. Cal.

The front wheelchair detaches completely so once we get somewhere with him, we just lock the bike bit up and take him inside in the wheelchair. It's a super smooth ride, and with the power assist, we can easily make it go so fast that he thinks we're flying. ;)