Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Max is resting in his bed right now.  It's 3:30 in the afternoon, and seems his nose wants to start telling me he's getting another little cold.  He doesn't have any fever this time, but he told me during school that his neck, teeth, and head hurt.  And we went through 10 bandanas in 2 hours to catch all the running things coming out of his mouth and nose.   I think it's a good thing he has an appointment already set up with his doctor for Friday.

I took a few moments on Monday to take some photos of his school time to share on the blog.  He's been learning new things, and still showing his teachers how smart he is.

He's learning about the moon right now in science.  I got this great light at Ikea over the weekend that rotates "stars" on the ceiling.  He thought it was great.  It made me dizzy!


His teacher (who was keeping herself covered from germs and to not give germs) drew this great picture of Max for him to color.


I think he likes it!


He's been working on sight words, and identifying them with his computer.  He's pretty spot on with these, and now we're having to get more vocabulary in his computer since he's starting to go into other areas to find the words he's memorized.  At this point his teacher asked him to find the word "like".  He was getting frustrated because he kept getting out of the screen with the sight words on it, and we kept putting him back in there.  He finally got away with it, because he's lightening fast, and got to "I don't LIKE this.".  He was upset that we wouldn't let him get to that sentence, and he was just trying to tell us another place the word "like" was.  A smart cookie that one is!


And of course, George is learning lots in school too.  He's learning to be a good boy for Max, and lays under his chair while Max is learning.


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Junior said...

way to go Max, you are a very smart kid.