Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Max, being...Max.

Max is gaining more energy each day. He still is getting tired for stretches of time, but for the most part, he's more awake and more like himself since being home.

This weekend, Steve's sister came to visit. No visit from family or friends is complete without Max wanting to show them his favorite thing to do in Denver...a picnic at the park.

We found a shady spot and had our picnic of Thai food. Max dug his heels into the grass and fell asleep while we ate. We left with his little feet stained from all the playing with grass.

photo (23)

Monday, he had his first physical therapy appointment since the first of June. First his therapist was out for vacation, then he was in the hospital. He was excited to see her, and I guess was wanting to show off his own moves before she got there.


This is how he was right before she arrived. He got mad at me when I tried to move his legs out of that position. And he likes his new Woody Yellow Cowboy beach towel Aunt Shauna brought him too.

And finally, our silly boy. I moved this sheet off of his head 3 times before I took a picture of it. He'll usually get it over his eyes and make a "tent".


He has his first blood draw tomorrow from the home nurse, to see how we're doing with killing off the infection. Then Thursday, a follow-up with one of his doctors. We're hoping to hear we're on the right track with getting it all under control, so Max can get back to his fulltime shenanigans!

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