Sunday, May 15, 2011

TV Star...

You can add TV star to Max's resume now.

This evening, Max was featured in a story with his classmates, "All in Attendance".

I think they did a great job. I can't embed the video from the news website, but follow the link over to read the story, and watch it.
I did get some still shots of us watching the news together. How's that for geeked out?




It really has been such a great school year, and a great way to round it out by sharing the whole class's story for others to see how easy it is to include everyone.

Max and his class on

Thanks to Bazi Kanani for the great storytelling. And everyone at Cotton Creek Elementary, especially Mrs. Clayton and her first grade class!


Junior said...

amazing and wonderful, if only all school districts work to make inclusion available for all. Way to go Max you are a movie star.

Deana said...

Thanks Heidi! It's exactly why we offered the story to the news station. It's such an easy way for the schools to include kids!